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Written by Administrator
Monday, 31 May 2010 16:06
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Tsunami Help 
Mick Brookes has been helping the victims of the Tsunami for many years. These are some photographs of Mick helping to rebuild homes as a volounteer

Driveway Transformation!

In this before and after photograph of a recent installation you can see how a professionaly installed driveway can transform a property! Notice the clean cut edges on the driveway after the new driveway had been layed.The  careful choice of blocks with contrasting colours creates an attractive area now and with the proper drainage it is safe and enhances the property!

Recent driveway installation

All our driveway installations are carried out to the highest stanbdards with perfect cut blocks and drainage. When you look at the high standard of our driveways you can see why MK Brookes Driveways have gained the reputation for being among the best driveway installers in the country.  

Block paving that looks like grass!
A great advantage of getting advice from an expert is that solutions you had never heard of can be sugested. On this installation the owner wanted to have both a grass area upon which cars can be parked and a driveway. The solution was to lay special block paving on one area which allows grass to grow but which can support a car without any drainage problems. Look closely and you can see that the grass area is block paved 

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